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The concept of “Vins de Terrer” is the commitment and synchrony between the vine, the climate, the soil and the human factor. It’s a transversal concept, of Sabaté i Coca philosophy axle , our "Terroir Conscience".

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Bitlles Valley

Located in the Alt Penedès region , 50 km east of Barcelona; ​​it offers a privileged geographical situation. A valley protected by mountains near the sea with the mild climate of the Mediterranean coast and a permeable land, with marine traces, of high viticultural value. Both, for its geological and its local climate, concentrates some very particular characteristics that provides the vineyard with unique conditions for its optimum maturation.

The Finca Sabaté i Coca plots are located along the Valley of the Bitlles River. A river that’s located in the center of the wine region Alt Penedès, which goes through the towns of Sant Pere de Riudebitlles and Torrelavit, and joins ends up joining the Anoia river.

40 hectares, 18 soils, 66 plots

The Sabaté i Coca Real estate is a mosaic of terroirs in the River Bitlles Valley, there are 18 different soils that shapes the different layers of each of the 66 plots that, microvinified separately, contributes their particular essence and singularity to each one of the Sabaté i Coca products.
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4 Generations of Wine growers

Sabaté i Coca, a family originative from Rabassaires who works the vineyard in the Bitlles Valley since 1885 who maintained their passion for the land and wine during four generations, and have printed their own personality to unique wines, born, elaborated and bred in the area aerated by the “Llacuna Mountain range”, bathed by the River Bitlles and marinated by the Mediterranean Sea.




100% Organic and sustainable viticulture of our own vineyards in the Bitlles Valley.

100% Manual harvest.

Yields of our native varieties well below the authorized levels.

100% Vinified on property.

100% Aging on lees, minimum of18 months.

All the bottles have the vintage, numeration, the degorging date and the homeland origin.

Harmony of terroirs

The Castellroig range expresses the harmony and complexity of the more than 60 micro-plots of this estate.

Singular terroirs

The singular terroirs, that give wines from a vibrant varietal typicity and that express the minerality of the vine, are vinified separately. They are called unique wines: Terroja, Josep Coca and Sparking wine Sabate i Coca from Terroja place.

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Sabaté i Coca is part of CORPINNAT, a Collective Brand from the European Union which was born with the intention to distinguish the great sparkling wines produced in the heart of the Penedès, beginning with 100% ecological grapes harvested by hand and vinified entirely in our property.


We offer wine tourism activities included in three groups to satisfy the offer both individually or in groups.

Singular Terroirs

It is in these small pieces of land that we have been able to identify unique and singular terroirs that requires personalized attention so that the life in the vineyard,in the vine and the bunch, flows with its maximum expression.


The Castellroig sparkling wines come from a mosaic of terriors in harmony with a Mediterranean microclimate typical of the Bitlles Valley , in the heart of Penedès. This conjunction between earth, climate and man gives our sparkling wine a unique personality, in perfect harmony with the philosophy of respect and love for the environment that the family has transmitted through generations.

Papallona trans
Ctra. Sant Sadurní d'Anoia Vilafranca
del Penedès (c-243A), Km 1
08739 Subirats (Barcelona)
Telefón: 938 911 927
web: www.castellroig.com







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